Our Organization

TÜV INTERCERT (TÜV INTERnational CERTification) belongs to the TÜV SAARLAND Group and springs from the desire to support companies and organizations in obtaining worldwide registered, accredited and highly added value certification which guarantees quality, efficiency and safety.

The TÜV SAARLAND Group acknowledged as an independent body in 1873 aiming at servicing the safety inspection of steam boilers and located in Rhineland – Palatinate situated in Saarland State which is one of the 16 (sixteen) states of Germany.

The TÜV INTERCERT was established in Milan in 2003 under the company name of TÜV SAARLAND ITALIA S.r.l. Over the next two years, it expanded both in Italy where it is now present in Reggio Emilia, Turin, Verona, Florence, Rome, Bari, Naples and Catania.

Furthermore, since 2005 has expanded its activities worldwide and nowadays is present in Spain (Barcelona), Turkey (Istanbul), Iran (Teheran), UAE (Abu Dhabi), Korea, China, Japan, etc.

In June 2006 the TÜV SAARLAND ITALIA S.r.l changed its company name to TÜV INTERCERT S.r.l. and in March 2007 was accredited as an independent Auditing and Certification Body by the German Accreditation Board (TGA/DAR).

Since 2007 the TÜV INTERCERT begun the provision of its auditing and certification services in Greece and Cyprus, and represented by the company K. KLADIAS GENERAL PARTNERSHIP. TÜV INTERCERT HELLAS aims at providing independent, accredited and high value auditing and certification services for companies-organizations and products.

The objective of TÜV INTERCERT HELLAS is the active support through the provision of accredited and high value auditing and certification services of the Greek and Cypriot companies-organizations in order to increase the value of their products and services in today worldwide market.

The vision of the TÜV INTERCERT Group comprises in the phrase «Your Qualities are your assets. We can certify them».